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Germany has become a great place to invest with cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich achieving a consistent growth in property prices.  With this steady upturn in the market, Germany has become a successful market for us at International Property Finance Group.

Clients can often find it difficult to find the most suitable mortgage and with the language barrier this can seem very daunting but our experienced mortgage brokers will help and guide you through the process smoothly.

With 10 years experience in this market, International Property Finance Group can assist you in purchasing a new home or investing in a buy to let property.

The minimum loan for Germany is 50,000 Euros.

Residential Mortgages

If you are living outside Germany but looking for residential property finance, we can help.

Before we can start the process we will require the property details and our fact find to be fully completed.  We can then research the lending market for you. 

If you are willing to travel to Germany your options are more varied and you will have a better scope for interest rates and we have people on the ground who speak fluent German.  We can also offer document translation services at an additional cost.

Image by Elijah G
Image by Tim Hüfner

Buy To Let Mortgages

If you are looking to obtain finance for your German investment from outside the country, we can assist without you even getting on a plane to visit the property. We have been specialising in this market for the last 10 years. Loans from 30k Euros. Loans are also available for commercial property in Germany.



The step by step guide to the mortgage application:


Step 1 | Reserve your unit/identify a property in Germany.

Step 2 | Talk to International Property Finance Group Mortgage Consultant and we will research the market for your most suitable mortgage options.

* German Mortgage Offers last up to 2 years.

Step 3 | Decide on your budget and talk through your mortgage product options.  Our mortgage consultant will then advise on the best suited product for your needs.

Step 4 | Instruct International Property Finance Group by signing terms of business and make initial payment of 600 Euros.

Step 5 | Submit your documents to an operations support team member here at International Property Finance Group.

Step 6 | International Property Finance Group will review the documents and request further information if needed.  Once satisfied, International Property Finance Group will submit your application to the lender.


Step 7 | Organise Funds – if you require help with your currency to be converted, we can help.

Step 8 | The lender will issue a formal mortgage offer – International Property Finance Group will request the final service fee.

Step 9 | Set up a SEPA bank account for the direct debit on your mortgage payments.

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