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Residential Mortgages

Trying to source a mortgage in a country that you do not currently reside in can seem very complex.


Here at International Property Finance Group (IPFG) we will provide the best lending options for you and your circumstances. Whether you are looking for a residential or buy to let mortgage, holiday let or short-term loan we can offer expert advice.  Refused lending from your own bank? Don’t worry, all lenders are definitely not equal.  A rejection from one does not mean a rejection from all. Each lender will have their own criteria and our experienced team understands the varying banks conditions to help find the best suited lender for your successful application.  There are many reasons that a bank will be more cautious when lending to an expat. This is mainly due to the difficulty in following procedures that guarantee the borrower’s financial stability when they have been living abroad for a period of time or even never having lived in the country that they are borrowing in.  If a mortgage provider sees a certain kind of customer as higher risk they will either refuse them a loan altogether or offer higher interest to offset the risk.  As an expat, you might find it slightly harder to get a mortgage and may pay a little more on the interest rates.

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Buy To Let Mortgages

Funding is of course critical to getting your buy to let underway.  There are many lenders all offering buy to let finance therefore, finding a lender best suited to your requirements and knowing how to access them is crucial.


Refinancing your current property or properties can allow you to expand your property portfolio without requiring additional cash outlay.


Since records began, UK property has almost doubled in price every 10 years, therefore, if you have invested into property within the last 5 years or more the likelihood is you have equity in your property that you can use to re-invest.

With the cost of borrowing currently being low for UK buyers, and with some fantastic mortgage products out there, now is a great time to contact us for a free consultation. You may well have money in your property portfolio that can be unlocked to build greater wealth.

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Is your estate subject to inheritance Tax? 


If you have any questions about later life, please contact Emma. 

Equity Release is a way for you to unlock tax-free cash from your home.  It involves securing a lifetime mortgage against your property or a home drawdown product.

  • Unlock cash from your home if you’re 55 or over

  • Get a tax-free lump sum or drawdown as a regular income

  • Live in your home throughout retirement


A bridging loan is a great solution for clients that need quick access to capital.  It is a short-term interest-only loan to ‘bridge’ the gap,  providing some breathing space while other finance is secured.


Although commonly used to purchase residential or commercial property, there are other projects that bridging loans can be used for.

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Architect hold plans


Funding is of course critical to getting your development underway.  There are many lenders all offering development finance therefore, finding a lender best suited to your requirements and knowing how to access them is crucial.

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Commercial lending can be arranged on property or company assets. We can also arrange business loans for UK businesses.  If you need to grow your business, help with a VAT invoice, lending against a Invoice

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